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Wanna be good… really good? Below is a list of fruitful articles to help you grow.

Fertility and Insects

Plants that are growing in soils with optimum fertility and experiencing little or no stress generally have significantly lower incidences of (herbivorous) pest damage. The plant’s natural resistance is typically higher and so is the incidence of predators. The reasons why increased predation occurs are not clear but trials have shown a notable difference in predator activity where fertility and biological activity are near optimum and stress is minimized. Fertility management, however, is not as easy as it may seem… Read Full Article


Nitrogen (Organic vs Inorganic)

For years land managers, from the farmer to the scientist, have disputed the benefits of organic versus inorganic nitrogen. There is no dispute that nitrogen is an essential element to plants. There is also no argument that plants can’t tell the difference between organic and chemical nitrogen. The controversy is essentially about carbon… Read Full Article


Soil Sampling Guide

The soil is like an urban community: no matter where we knock, someone different will answer the door. In the soil, it would be rare if two samples could be found that produce the same test results, even if they were drawn a foot away from each other. So it is extremely important to get a good representation of the entire area being evaluated. The test results will only be as useful as the sample is accurate. A zig-zag pattern is usually recommended to ensure results that are relative to the overall condition of the area… Read Full Article

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