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calculate lime application

This form’s target pH = 6.5. Enter value(s) from your soil test to determine lime application rate.
Note: Limit lime application to no more than 2.5 tons/acre/application (~11.5 lbs/100 ft²). Maximum two applications/year if done spring and fall.

What type of lime should you use? First determine your calcium:magnesium (Ca:Mg) ratio

Use calcitic lime if the Ca:Mg ratio is below 7:1
Use dolomitic lime if the Ca:Mg ratio is above 10:1

If the Ca:Mg ratio is in between 7 and 10, look at the base saturation of Mg and Ca. If Ca saturation is below 65%, use calcitic lime. If Mg saturation is below 10 %, use dolomitic lime. If both are above or both are below these minimums, use calcitic lime. Most calcium lime in the Northeast contains 3-5 percent Mg so some Mg is usually being applied.

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