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Nutes for the Soil's Guardian Allies

0.5 – 0 – 17  •  Clean Green Certified™

Angel’s Touch is a natural source of humic acid and natural plant bio-stimulants from the sea that trigger responses such as stress resistance, better root development, improved absorption of essential micro-nutrients, lower seedling mortality, improved cloning, greater trichome production, and aid cannabis in the production of essential enzymes. It’s a water soluble powder (WSP).

Angel’s Touch is available in 11 oz. and 3 lb. containers.

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Total Nitrogen (N) ………………………………….. 0.5%
0.5% Water Soluble Nitrogen
Soluble Potash (K2O) ………………………………. 17.0%

Usage Directions:

Constant agitation is NOT required – This material is completely soluble and, once dissolved, will not settle out of solution. However, we recommend that the necessary amount of powder be dissolved in a small amount of warm water first and then added to the total volume of cold water. Be sure the powder is completely dissolved in the warm water before adding it to the total volume of water.

Mix only the amount you need – Microorganisms are everywhere and, given an ample supply of natural nutes and water, they will multiply and sometimes create objectionable odors. This product is stable as a dry powder but, once water is added, it can become biologically active. Mix only what you’ll need for the immediate application. If you’re using an irrigation system, rinse with clear water after use. Here is a 1 minute video on how to quickly and easily mix Angel’s Touch.

Apply to soil (not to foliage) – The nutes in this product are designed to feed the organisms that create healthy soil as much as they feed the plants. Biological activity is as important in soilless or bioponic media as it is in a natural soil or compost. Applications to foliage will not harm plants but may stain leaf and bud surfaces.

Dose – This product is designed to stimulate the population growth of beneficial soil and leaf surface organisms. We recommend mixing two level teaspoons of the powder/gallon (dissolved in a small amount of warm water first). Weekly applications are recommended from seed (or clone) to harvest. See our Application Chart for precise timing.

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Angel's Touch

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